Silver Linings (32) Taking My Fifth Nap Today: The 5-Minute Zoom Musical


Gratitude to all of you who send me great content for Silver Linings but especially to Lina Bertucci, photographer extraordinaire, who shared this video with me after it was shared with her by the mother of one of the participants who is an actor on Broadway. Lina took that incredible photo of me which has accompanied the Guggenheim announcements. I am seriously not photogenic, my mother, the professional photographer, concurred, so Lina really pulled off a small miracle. Lina also teaches meditation at the Kadampa Meditation Center and is something of a spirit guide to me so more gratitude. And she recently gave me this photograph from her Seascapes and the Transcendental Sublime series which I lose myself in several times a day, especially when I need a peaceful place to escape to, so heaping on even more gratitude to my great friend Lina.

Lina lakescape.jpg


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6 responses to “Silver Linings (32) Taking My Fifth Nap Today: The 5-Minute Zoom Musical

  1. Lynne Zeavin

    This made me so happy. It also made me cry, which is very welcome—have been unable to cry as much as I know is in there.

    Beautiful posting. Thanks Jenny!! How are you all doing?

    love Lxx


    • We’re ok. All of us a bit at wits end and losing patience with each other. We read Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” tonight at dinner which really helped relieve some tension–though not sure it was altogether appropriate for Ayane. The 1918 pandemic turns up in that story. I suppose we are all living each moment these days like we had a gun to our heads. Is this making us better people? There’s the big question. The Misfit thought so. Flannery thought so. I hope so.

  2. Patrica Newman

    This was so much fun. Thanks to Lina, too. Where can I see the portrait she did of you?

  3. Awww Jenny —- Thank You for the kind words–what a sweet surprise! The feeling is so mutual—-k

    indred spirit in all things moving toward inner awareness and joy! So glad we’ve been ale to rekindle in these recent years—after such a long hiatus in the UK.
    ps. yea!! love the portrait of you too—
    happy the seascape is offering some tranquility !!

  4. Natalie Marchetta-Looman

    Fantastico! Grazie.

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