Silver Linings (16) In Bed with Mae West

Mae West in Swan Bed

So today I’m posting to you from bed where I have been languishing all day–not with “the roni” as my sons call the virus, but with what is probably a hang-over after too many quarantinis exacerbated by the usual middle of the night panic: “Do I have it?” “What will happen if I get it?” “What is the world coming to?” “What can we do to stop this thing?” So today I decided to channel Mae West and celebrate the glories of staying in bed–and a swan bed is definitely something I will be looking into once we get through this thing.

Namaste in bed

Keep calm and stay in bed



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3 responses to “Silver Linings (16) In Bed with Mae West

  1. Linda Healey

    I’d like to sail away on a swan’s feathered back.

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  3. Mae West said: “Thank you, Jenny. You’re a New York City dear. Feel better”
    Come up sometime . . . and find out more about Mae and her seductive swan bed.

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