Silver Linings (12) The Diva of the Epicenter

Gloria Swanson at the Roxy

I’m not sure this is a silver lining, but I woke up this morning, and imagining myself as Gloria Swanson standing in the ruins of the Roxy Theater near Times Square in 1960, I thought, “I am at the epicenter of something truly catastrophic.”

I have been feeling very sorry for my beloved Italians, but now they will soon be sending their compassion our way as our numbers climb well beyond theirs. Italians are natural born divas as we saw from the videos of whole neighborhoods singing from their balconies. New Yorkers are no slouches, but we will need to be channeling our inner divas to get through this.

So, everyone, universe, and whoever else is out there, please send us New Yorkers all your divine diva love, energy, elegance, and charm. We are going to need it to get through this, but get through this we will, right Gloria?

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